Mansard conversion in Newcastle!

As a loft converter in the Newcastle area, I often must work on many loft conversion projects within Newcastle city itself. One of the more common loft conversions in Newcastle today is the mansard loft conversion. A mansard loft conversion is different to most loft conversions as it requires a large amount of financial and labour resources. The extensions in space that it provides means that not only does it cost significantly for the raw materials, but the total amount of manpower required will match the raw materials cost in time and money. However, even though a mansard loft conversion is a large investment for any home owner, the benefits of a mansard loft conversion not only on your properties value but also the benefits to using the loft far outweigh the investment itself.

A mansard loft conversion is a good option if you are looking to create as much usable living space within your loft as possible. It can act almost as an investment to the top of your home depending on how much space you need. Since a mansard loft conversion can add a numerous amount of extra rooms for your home for such a relatively small price, it has become very popular within the Newcastle area because of the restrictions for both a home extension and the possibility to buy new land. It is also much easier for the average home owner to invest into a mansard loft conversion than it is to purchase a new home entirely, making it the popular choice for most home owners.

One of the biggest mansard conversions that I have ever completed was on the outskirts of the city of Newcastle on the way to Sunderland. The actual size of the home itself was quite large, and the loft space that the home had already provided was not big enough for the customers wishes. While it could fit the bedroom and bathroom that the home owner had requested, they still wanted additional rooms. This included a room that was fit for a musician and housed a piano, and a room that was created as a small home cinema that could seat four. The actual cinema itself was quite small for what would be considered a home cinema, but I believe that the homeowner wanted a home cinema that could only fit those within his family.

I thought this was quite a thoughtful gesture for the man to do, as he clearly cared enough to create a room specifically to spend time with his family in. The creation of the musical room within the loft was specifically for the daughter of the home owner, who needed a room to study and practice her piano skills. I also believe that the bedroom and bathroom was designed for her too. Since they had three bedrooms and a bathroom within the home, they felt that the daughter needed her own space within the home. It made sense to create the loft for the daughter in all aspects, so that is the design we also decided to follow to ensure that both the daughter and home owner were happy. We allowed the daughter to be a part of the process in all design aspects (to a limit), since we believed that she would change it later anyway. Altogether, I believe that the mansard loft conversion was a success.

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