Loft conversions in Newcastle!

One of the biggest loft conversions that I have ever worked on while working in Newcastle was a loft conversion for a three-story mansion that stretched the same space as three terraced homes. The loft itself was as large and long as the mansion itself, meaning there was a lot of space in just a normal hip to gable loft conversion. The actual amount of rooms that could be created with a standard hip to gable loft conversion within this mansion would have been 4 overall, and that is if those rooms are large in themselves. When looking at other options such as a dormer or mansard conversion, we would be looking at anywhere from 5 – 8 additional rooms overall within this loft conversion project. That is a very rare project for any loft conversion company within the United Kingdom and is especially rare in the Newcastle area due to the average home being much smaller.

The project itself was a very large-scale construction, and we had to ensure that every part of the home owners plans was followed correctly. The home owner wanted two additional bedrooms and bathroom combinations for guests that would use the home, and we had to create three additional hobby rooms for the home owner. The hobby rooms included a gaming room, a small library and a home cinema system for the last room that was sound and natural light proof. The home cinema was the hardest project to complete since we needed to insulate the room and the light and noise combination that wouldn’t leak into any room within the same level.

To create this loft conversion, we decided to go with two dormer loft conversions rather than one big mansard conversion. The dormer loft conversions were designed with the sole aspect to house the two bathrooms that would fit with the bedroom. Since the additional space that the L-shape provided, it was the perfect opportunity to fit the bathrooms within. This also meant that I was able to home the bathroom and bedrooms next to each other and was able to combine the rooms together while being able to fit the additional three rooms next to each other. This ensured that the project could be neatly organised within the loft and helped spread space between all rooms to help the sound and light proofing within the home cinema itself.

The creation of the home cinema was one of the more interesting aspects of the loft conversion project. As I work for a Newcastle based loft conversion company called Loft Conversion Newcastle I have a lot of experience with creating home cinemas for lofts. The sound and natural light proofing was a long and tedious job, but it required very little editing once the project had been completed. We ensured to insulate the loft in multiple ways and as thickly as possible. This includes everything from heating, noise, sound and much more. The thicker we were able to insulate each wall, the easier it was to ensure there was little to no leaking throughout the day.

The project itself was incredibly easy, even though the project itself is of such a large scale. The relative construction work that was necessary to complete the loft conversion was not as much as you would think, and the project was completed within a couple of months. The construction of the rooms was also relatively quick, and the project required very little editing. Thank you for reading the blog today! Also, please try to look at some more of the blogs that I have posted.