Loft conversions in Newcastle!

One of the biggest loft conversions that I have ever worked on while working in Newcastle was a loft conversion for a three-story mansion that stretched the same space as three terraced homes. The loft itself was as large and long as the mansion itself, meaning there was a lot of space in just a normal hip to gable loft conversion. The actual amount of rooms that could be created with a standard hip to gable loft conversion within this mansion would have been 4 overall, and that is if those rooms are large in themselves. When looking at other options such as a dormer or mansard conversion, we would be looking at anywhere from 5 – 8 additional rooms overall within this loft conversion project. That is a very rare project for any loft conversion company within the United Kingdom and is especially rare in the Newcastle area due to the average home being much smaller.

The project itself was a very large-scale construction, and we had to ensure that every part of the home owners plans was followed correctly. The home owner wanted two additional bedrooms and bathroom combinations for guests that would use the home, and we had to create three additional hobby rooms for the home owner. The hobby rooms included a gaming room, a small library and a home cinema system for the last room that was sound and natural light proof. The home cinema was the hardest project to complete since we needed to insulate the room and the light and noise combination that wouldn’t leak into any room within the same level.

To create this loft conversion, we decided to go with two dormer loft conversions rather than one big mansard conversion. The dormer loft conversions were designed with the sole aspect to house the two bathrooms that would fit with the bedroom. Since the additional space that the L-shape provided, it was the perfect opportunity to fit the bathrooms within. This also meant that I was able to home the bathroom and bedrooms next to each other and was able to combine the rooms together while being able to fit the additional three rooms next to each other. This ensured that the project could be neatly organised within the loft and helped spread space between all rooms to help the sound and light proofing within the home cinema itself.

The creation of the home cinema was one of the more interesting aspects of the loft conversion project. As I work for a Newcastle based loft conversion company called Loft Conversion Newcastle I have a lot of experience with creating home cinemas for lofts. The sound and natural light proofing was a long and tedious job, but it required very little editing once the project had been completed. We ensured to insulate the loft in multiple ways and as thickly as possible. This includes everything from heating, noise, sound and much more. The thicker we were able to insulate each wall, the easier it was to ensure there was little to no leaking throughout the day.

The project itself was incredibly easy, even though the project itself is of such a large scale. The relative construction work that was necessary to complete the loft conversion was not as much as you would think, and the project was completed within a couple of months. The construction of the rooms was also relatively quick, and the project required very little editing. Thank you for reading the blog today! Also, please try to look at some more of the blogs that I have posted.

Loft conversion tools!

Here at Xin Fei Machinery, loft conversions are our prime point of business. I make my living and I can feed and house my own family thanks to the many loft conversions that I complete on a week to week basis within the Newcastle area. One of the interesting things about loft conversions are the many tools that are required to complete a loft conversion. There are many different raw materials, ordinary materials and even machinery and tools that could be used to complete loft conversions and are helpful to those who either want to pursue their own DIY loft conversion, or even for companies that want to hire a company to convert their loft.

Timber is certainly the most helpful piece of equipment that is necessary to complete a loft conversion within the city of Newcastle, and the United Kingdom in general. Without the ability to support the loft itself using timber, you would be expecting a structurally weak loft conversion to begin with. The timber joists and accessories that are required to construct and support a loft conversion are the most important aspect of the whole loft conversion process. Without strong, dried timber you would be looking at a loft conversion that is not only not fit for use, but also dangerous to use at any point considering the inability to know just how strongly supported the loft is. The good news regarding timber is that it is relatively cheap, and you can find very high-grade timber of any size for a generally small cost for those who need it.

The average tool that would be required in any construction project is also necessary for home owners who wish to convert their loft. Tools and equipment such as tape measures, saws, drills, nails, hammers, wrenches and any other construction tool that is necessary for the average construction project would also be necessary. Although it may seem obvious at first glance, it is very easy to overlook tools which will be a necessity. Even just an electric drill will make the loft conversion process much easier than the average project. Using just a screwdriver rather than an electric drill can save you so much time and energy for a loft conversion.

If you are looking for a larger loft conversion that could also provide your home with an extension in space to match with your conversion, then you are in need of more industrial materials. Anything such as a hoist or steel pipes and foundations that will ensure you are able to safely and securely attached the extension without endangering lives. If you improperly attach or extend your loft, you are looking at severe and potentially fatal health and safety risks. Many electric tools like the drill will also make this section of the loft conversion easier for you. It’s much easier to be able to cut through the steel within the beams or the raw materials if you use electrical tools. Using hand tools can be much more difficult, and energy consuming if you are not used to it.

For loft conversions, I would always suggest a professional loft converter rather than a DIY loft conversion. It can make your life much more difficult, and at times could even end it! I hope that doesn’t sound too bleak, but it is important to know. I hope you enjoyed todays post, and if you can please take a look at some of the past and future blog posts too!

Mansard conversion in Newcastle!

As a loft converter in the Newcastle area, I often must work on many loft conversion projects within Newcastle city itself. One of the more common loft conversions in Newcastle today is the mansard loft conversion. A mansard loft conversion is different to most loft conversions as it requires a large amount of financial and labour resources. The extensions in space that it provides means that not only does it cost significantly for the raw materials, but the total amount of manpower required will match the raw materials cost in time and money. However, even though a mansard loft conversion is a large investment for any home owner, the benefits of a mansard loft conversion not only on your properties value but also the benefits to using the loft far outweigh the investment itself.

A mansard loft conversion is a good option if you are looking to create as much usable living space within your loft as possible. It can act almost as an investment to the top of your home depending on how much space you need. Since a mansard loft conversion can add a numerous amount of extra rooms for your home for such a relatively small price, it has become very popular within the Newcastle area because of the restrictions for both a home extension and the possibility to buy new land. It is also much easier for the average home owner to invest into a mansard loft conversion than it is to purchase a new home entirely, making it the popular choice for most home owners.

One of the biggest mansard conversions that I have ever completed was on the outskirts of the city of Newcastle on the way to Sunderland. The actual size of the home itself was quite large, and the loft space that the home had already provided was not big enough for the customers wishes. While it could fit the bedroom and bathroom that the home owner had requested, they still wanted additional rooms. This included a room that was fit for a musician and housed a piano, and a room that was created as a small home cinema that could seat four. The actual cinema itself was quite small for what would be considered a home cinema, but I believe that the homeowner wanted a home cinema that could only fit those within his family.

I thought this was quite a thoughtful gesture for the man to do, as he clearly cared enough to create a room specifically to spend time with his family in. The creation of the musical room within the loft was specifically for the daughter of the home owner, who needed a room to study and practice her piano skills. I also believe that the bedroom and bathroom was designed for her too. Since they had three bedrooms and a bathroom within the home, they felt that the daughter needed her own space within the home. It made sense to create the loft for the daughter in all aspects, so that is the design we also decided to follow to ensure that both the daughter and home owner were happy. We allowed the daughter to be a part of the process in all design aspects (to a limit), since we believed that she would change it later anyway. Altogether, I believe that the mansard loft conversion was a success.

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Hip to Gable loft conversion in Newcastle

One of the most common loft conversions in the United Kingdom and especially in the city of Newcastle in 2018 is a hip to gable loft conversion. While it may sound more complicated and complex of a loft conversion than it sounds, it is the simplest type of loft conversion that is available within the city of Newcastle and the world. While other loft conversions can provide an extension of space within the loft itself, a hip to gable loft conversion is simplified due to the lack of construction that is necessary in comparison to other loft conversions. While a hip to gable loft conversion doesn’t provide the same amount of space a mansard or dormer loft conversion could provide a home owner, a hip to gable loft conversion provides as much space as possible that already exists.

A hip to gable loft conversion requires the least amount of construction than any other loft conversion, meaning it requires the least number of tools and almost no machinery required. It also means that if you are a home owner this would be the simplest loft conversion with your home, as it is very well suited to home owners despite the size and shape of your home. Due to the low amount of construction that is necessary to create the hip to gable loft conversion, the most important aspect for the construction phase are the tools themselves. While you don’t necessarily need some machinery or equipment such as electric drills and the like, they can speed the process up quickly.

Hip to gable loft conversions also provide home owners with a decent amount of additional living space within the loft. They can provide anything from an additional room such as a home cinema or video game room to three rooms such as a bedroom, bathroom and an additional hobby room. Since most lofts are already shaped like a box or triangle, there may be some limitations in terms of the use you can get out of the room. This is mostly dependent on what you are looking for from the loft conversion however. If you aren’t interested in a large amount of rooms or a niche or luxury room, then you can make great use out of a room despite the shape. A triangle shaped bedroom and bathroom is still very suitable for the ones who are using the room.

Finally, a hip to gable loft conversion is very cheap relative to other loft conversion ideas that are available. A mansard or a dormer loft conversion can be very expensive due to the amount of materials that are required to complete the conversion itself. The overall cost of raw materials for each loft conversion that requires an extension can make the conversion out of budget for many home owners. That is also without factoring the amount of time that it would take to complete each loft conversion. With a hip to gable loft conversion however, the overall speed that it could be completed in is both efficient and entirely suitable for most home owners.

I hope you enjoyed todays blog post about hip to gable loft conversions in Newcastle. I have completed many within the past and I hope one day I can go into some stories about the conversions that I have completed. I hope you get a chance to check out tomorrows blog post, and yesterdays if you get the chance!

DIY Loft Conversions

There are two things that I find incredibly interesting about loft conversions within the Newcastle area where I live and work on personal home projects. The first important aspect I have realised about many who try to undergo these DIY loft conversions are the lack of knowledge regarding the different loft conversions that are available for each home. The second piece of information that I find very interesting regarding the loft conversion process is the many different types of tools and machinery that is also used throughout the loft conversion process. Due to the amount of work that is required to complete a loft conversion from the renovation and construction phases, machinery and tools are very important to ensure that the project is done safely and efficiently. The potential dangers of a loft conversion not being completed correctly can have disastrous consequences both during the construction phase and many years after.

I also find it strange as a person who completes conversions within my home as a hobby that others are unaware of the important aspects of a loft conversion. For the most part, many home owners believe that the only loft conversion that is available is a standard hip to gable loft conversion, which revolves around the maximisation of space within the current loft rather than the creation and extension of space within the loft itself during the conversion project. The loft conversions that are available for home owners within the Newcastle area and around the United Kingdom are vast, especially if planning permission is not necessary for your home. For many areas within the United Kingdom, planning permission is required for loft conversions if they extend over a certain amount. Whether the permission is accepted or not is entirely dependent on the neighbours within the area and the councils approach to large extensions within the area.

Loft conversions can be incredibly time consuming depending on the size of the conversion itself too. This includes the planning permission phase of the loft conversion depending on the size of the conversion itself. When waiting for the permission to be granted, it could take anywhere from 6 weeks to 2 months to hear back, which is a long time for anyone who is interested in moving their conversion forward quickly. There are things that you can do during the planning permission phase however, such as preparing the machinery, tools and budgetary requirements that will be necessary for you during the construction phase of the loft conversion.

The most time-consuming part of the loft conversion is the construction phase itself however. Although the planning phase can seem like the most time-consuming part, ensuring that each aspect of the construction process is completed from start to finish and ensuring that the task is completed the way it should be. Ensuring that the construction process is completed with accuracy and efficiency is important for the overall integrity of the conversion is as strong as possible. This will stop any potential accident that could happen within the future, and some potential accidents that will be incredibly severe and possibly fatal for those who are using the loft itself. It is a health and safety risk that is easily avoidable by ensuring that every part of the process is completed accurately.

Ensuring that the project is completed properly is helped massively using the right tools and machinery when completing the project. There are many different machines that could be used to ensure the most efficient project possible, and within a few posts time I will explain and detail all tools and machines that could aid the process of any loft conversion within the Newcastle area. There are many different tools and machines that can cut the construction time of a DIY loft conversion in half just through the sheer additional manpower that it can give you. If you are looking for any information regarding loft conversions you may be unaware of in the Newcastle area, then please ensure you check out this blog!